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Our Kids
Deserve Better

  • Advocates for students, parents, and teachers

  • Values and respects the diversity of our community

  • Promotes high academic standards and education excellence

  • Extensive experience; 18 yrs Law Enforcement/911

  • 25 yrs Credentialed K-12 teacher & school Counselor

  • Disaster Service Worker-Orange County Sheriff Office


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  • I am a dedicated school board member who is working hard to represent the families and community members of Prescott. My primary goal is to reform the education system in Arizona, particularly in Prescott, which I believe has taken a misguided direction".

  • I have served as an elementary school teacher for 25 years, I have had valuable firsthand experience in teaching various grade levels, predominantly in the 3rd to 5th grades. Over the years, I have witnessed what educational methods truly work, making me distressed by the current path the system has taken. Inspired by tragic events like the Columbine School Shootings and the Sandy Hook massacre, I pursued a Master's Degree in School Counseling to focus on aiding and working with  troubled youth more.

  • Before embarking on my teaching career, I spent 18 years as a police 911 dispatcher , providing me with a unique perspective on the consequences of both good and bad education in the real world. I am committed to ensuring that children receive the right education, enabling them to thrive as successful adults.

  • Beyond my educational endeavors,  I have a passion for woodcarvings of Western culture, which allows me to escape the rigors of everyday life. This creative outlet exemplifies the vision and discipline I believe our children should have access to, making them successful in their chosen pursuits.

  • I am determined to drive change and provide quality education for the children of Prescott, setting them on a path toward a prosperous future.



& Transparency

  • Course content shall be made available to parents and taxpayers.

  • Abandon Common Core Standards and adopt B.E.S.T (Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking). Add a Civics element and Humanities for well-rounded success.

  • Make the budget readable and understandable to everyone- follow the money.

  • Review all current contracts and MOU's for compliance to the AZ Parent's Bill of Rights.

Mental Health of Students 

  • Advocates for a school-based mental health professional such as a therapist or psychologist to provide students with the support they need--teachers are NOT psychologists. They should make referrals, not act like a "Social Health Doctors".

  • Social-Emotional Learning and SEL Counselors do not belong in the schools and it should be weeded out of the great curriculum that was in place and was later embedded through Common Core Standards.


& Resources

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Budget so more dollars are used for direct instruction in the classroom.

  • ​​Require an Executive Audit and report of the budget written in lay terms and understandable to all. 

Real World

  • Empower students with skills and competencies to adapt to a constantly changing world. A missing element is that educators and students have not been taught the true basics of how to study and learn. Thus students are never really taught to become self-learners.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration

  • Collaboration between parents, teachers, and students is key to creating a successful classroom.

  • Require that classrooms are set-up to allow parents to monitor what is being taught during the day for transparency. Through the school district private server, creates something similar to Zoom meetings every day. 

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