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PragerU Kids

With permission from PragerU, here are some excellent PragerU Kids videos to share with your children and help them better understand our expanding, and sometimes confusing, world.

Street Smarts: Civic Associations | PragerU Kids

Civic participation is a cornerstone of American society, but how can citizens become more involved? In this episode of Street Smarts, your middle and high school students will learn about interest groups, lobbyists, and civic associations—and the unique role they play in U.S. government.

PragerU Kids-Civic Ass-maxresdefault.jpg

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we honor those who've given the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives for our country while serving in the military.

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PragerU Kids Expands Operation

PragerU hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the massive expansion of our Los Angeles headquarters and the growth of our PragerU in schools initiative. PragerU CEO Marissa Streit welcomed staff, donors, friends, and strategic partners, including Ryan Walters, the Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction, to take part in the ceremony.

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